Year Make Model Type 0-60 1/4 Mile
1993 Geo Storm GSi 8.70 16.7
1990 Geo Prizm GSi 10.00 17.3
1993 Geo Prizm LSi 10.70 17.7
1995 Geo Metro LSi 12.70 18.8
1993 Geo Metro LSi 13.80 19.4

0-60 Car Times

Launched in early 2010, 0-60 car times was made to help create an easier way for people to find zero to sixty times. Previous sites had the 0 to 60 times for some cars but it was quite disorganized and hard to find. Here you will be able to see thousands of cars, neatly organized and even sortable within tables. We also strive to bring new car news as well as 1/4 mile (quarter mile) times. We hope you enjoy 0-60!